Tracfone Prepaid Phone Card

Double Minute Prepaid Plans

By way of Tracfone double minute prepaid plan, you are all set to get some 400 minutes of use at anytime and one year of its service. In case you run low on minutes, you can buy additional Tracfone prepaid phone card. By this way you could get double minutes on any prospective cards you buy and add during your one year service period. However, the company might lessen the amount of minutes included to less than double the minutes purchased on any future card. It is done to maintain the effective rate per minute which could not be less than $0.10 per minute.

In this way, your due date might well be extended to an upper limit of 730 days from the date you insert any arrangement of the Double Minute Prepaid Plan card and or the 1 year prepaid wireless service card. At present, customers enrolled in the Double Minute AutoPay and TRACFONE AutoPay programs must call off their plan in their particular program. It is suggested to steer clear of the recurring monthly charges for this program. And through the Double Minute Prepaid Plan card, customers will not take delivery of additional double minutes if enrolled in the Double Minute AutoPay Program.

To maintain its wireless service and keep the phone number active for a long time, any customer is required to add an additional Tracfone Prepaid phone card before the due date that is displayed on the cell. In case you do not pay for and add additional airtime prior to the due date, your are likely to lose telephone number as well as activation charges. These cards run out one year from the date of purchase from an authorized retailer and if Airtime units added properly, it does not terminate with active service. Be sure about the plans as rate plans, card denominations are subject to change without prior notice.

If you tamper or enter some false codes in cards which have not been appropriately authorized by the company, then you might face some stern action in the form of instantaneous discontinuance of service. Moreover, you will likely to come to term with some prosecution to the full extent of the law. Try to go the usual way by entering the proper codes and numbers and never try to put in false codes to get some added advantage. In doing so, you are likely to face some actions without notice.