Tracfone Complaints

Customer Service Issues With Tracfone

Being the largest service provider puts an additional responsibility to do some good job and if the company is not doing fairly well, it has to face the wraths of the public. Similar is the case with the company as Tracfone complaints have been pouring in to get the better service out of the deal. Some complaints are targeting its refund policy which is dodgy if some customers are to be believed. Some felt bad about the roaming charges which were levied even in home area. In some cases, customers not got their roll over due from the first phone which irritates them in a great way.

In case of the airtime irregularity, most of the people have felt cheated either way. They never got their money back neither received talk time. If they made a formal complaint with the company, a harsh assertion was always there denying any faults from their side. Most of the cases take place for only airtime which often creates hassles for customers. Some thought they have been ripped off more than a few times on various front. Its value plan which was supposed to offer some extra minutes and an extra month of usage, could not end up with its promise.

The Tracfone complaints not end here and sometimes when a customer tries to get through the right person in customer service, they at all times cut off the connection. If any customer is not getting a proper contact with the support system, then how he would be able to utter his problems. Some have even received high phone bills without talking so high. All such cases are not on the mass scale but still doing the rounds. The company has set-up its official site to take full care of the customers grievances. If any user faces any problem with the policy and plans of the company, he can submit his letter to the authority through on-line mode.

Some felt cheated about the coverage area as it promises to cover a wide area comprising more than 40 counties in the US. But same is not the same as has been said on the official site and it takes care not more than 20 such areas. Some customers feel let down by its intermittent coverage which becomes really irritating for them if they are about to make an important call. All such nature of problems is also seen in the other cellular operators who claim big and end up just taking big money rather.