Tracfone Cards

Prevention Of Service Loss

Tracfone Cards services are issue of transmission limitations created by atmospheric, topographical and other conditions. Moreover, services may possibly be provisionally denied, restricted, interrupted or curtailed due to some of the system capacity limitations.

For the duration of the first 60 days from phone activation, as soon as you add a single 40, 100, 200, or 400-minutes airtime card, your active service time will expand 60 days from the date the new card is added. Subsequent to your first 60 days from phone activation, in case you add any one of these cards, you will see the extension of 60 days from the current due date to a maximum of 120 days.

In case you add two or more of these cards for the duration of or after your first 60 days from phone activation, your due date might get an extension of a maximum of 120 days from the date the new cards have been added. You will see your due date get extended past 120 days, up to 365 days from the date you add a Tracfone 1 year prepaid wireless service card. Same could also be seen in case you pick Double Minute prepaid plan card. And in this way, the due date can be extended to a maximum of 730 days.

If you do not buy and put in extra airtime previous to the due date, your service will be switched off and you might go down with your phone number. And if your service has been switched off temporarily, you could see it through by purchasing and adding any Tracfone Prepaid Wireless Airtime card. On the other hand, just the once reactivated, you will be provided with a new phone number. Moreover, you will get the same airtime which was there at the time of deactivation if it is reactivated within 60 days from the deactivation date. But beyond the limit of 60 days, you will not get the same privilege. Make sure that you are paying for Tracfone cards on the timely basis. If you are not turning up properly and getting prepaid wireless airtime card prior to the due date, you are then all set to lose some active services. You will be right at the back foot even if you have units remaining. All cards related inquiries and troubles could only be resolved through Customer Service and all charges are subject to alteration without notice in accordance with legal requirements.