Trac Phone

The Tracfone Network

Trac phone might simply be located in Wal-Mart stores which often comes along with a Nokia model. It could be found with various facilities as text messaging and free voice mail are few among them. It does not have need of a credit check or a monthly contract and moreover through it you cannot go over your minutes wide long distance. You will get no monthly contract to buy a new phone card every two months and the date when you require to buy a new card is displayed on the screen. Its screen also shows the battery power, time, how many air time units you have, contacts and how many bars you have.

Its menu comprises several items as Menu 1 is meant for text and voice mail. It has call back number and delivery note option. Aside it, its options let you to decide font size, message overwriting and saving the message to outbox when sending. The voice mail allows you to pay attention to your voice mail messages, your voice mail box number and ability to clear the voice mail icon. In case you listen to your voice mail right on your phone, it could end up your all air time minutes.

Its missed calls menu keeps track of its numbers and a call timer has been put in which lets you inform that how long your last call was. Moreover, the duration of dialed calls and received calls might also be ascertained through it. In case you are attending any meeting and in no mood of hearing the phone without shutting it off, you can select a profile ring tone sound such as silent. Its settings menus provide location information sharing to be on or off. Its system settings has been of a great importance as it permits you to opt your roaming options and the mode -usually it is digital only.

Trac Phone network services puts forward voice privacy and call waiting options. You could also send own caller ID when calling someone. Furthermore, you could easily fasten the clock or hide it in the time settings feature. Through it, you will have the convenience of some security features and will get some access codes and call restrictions. And if a number of annoying phony friends borrows your cell phone number, you can put a ceiling on their number from calling you.